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Client Testimonials

"Scott worked with me on the design of my website making adjustments to help me realize my vision.

He was very responsive to feedback and I love the dynamic result. Thanks, Scott."

Diane Whitney

"Scott was able to help transform CMT's website, blending together the artistic vision of the organization and the most current web design.

He helped create a new responsive experience for our users that drives ticket sales and donations, in a way that creatively tells CMT's story and engages with our broad and diverse audience."

Dana Zell

"Scott started on my brand new apartment locator website the day I gave him a down payment, and took all interior and exterior photography.

Scott was efficient, kept me posted and went way overboard on all the design and function details. Rather than creating a boring apt. website Scott made a browsable real estate site with MLS photos, embedded videos, rent, sqft and maps so users can do real research on our site."

"Working with Scott Lewis was the key step that allowed Didge Project to transition from an outdated website into an attractive WordPress build. Scott went out of his way to research and find the best theme.

Scott helped me install all the plug-ins I wanted, and went over and above what I asked of him. I highly recommend working with Scott and hope to have him do more sites for me in the future."

AJ Block - Musician

"Our Austin public relations firm found Scott on Google while looking for someone that we could form a long term working relationship with.

Scott stopped what he was doing and helped us make some important changes to our website. He was extremely responsive and updated everything we had been avoiding for a year. Highly recommended."

Lindsey Broussard - Leverage PR

"Scott turned our outdated text website into something our Club can really use. We can now showcase our scholarship winners, get RSVPs for events, sell tickets to events online and more.

Scott's always available to make additions or changes quickly. I just send him an email and he updates our website in a matter of hours, couple of days max."

Highland Lakes Aggies Club - Mike Linam

"Scott took basically nothing but an idea from me and ran with it. He created a unique logo and a classy-looking website that I get compliments on all the time.

He's very easy to work with and can change anything I need immediately. Scott charges very little for website maintenance and often makes minor updates without me even knowing. Highly recommended!"

Jeff Linam Square One Home Inspections

"Port Aransas Realty recently hired Scott to enhance our SEO and fine-tune our agent blog. We're now #1 in Google organic for our main keyphrase, ahead of, Zillow and Trulia.

Scott met with us at our office with a list of ideas and stayed in constant contact through completion. Scott does exactly what he says he will do with a great attitude. We are very happy with the results."

Keith Mcmullin Broker, Port Aransas Realty

"I'm not a very creative person. Scott took no creative input to create a beautiful website. Scott built the website quickly and when I need changes made he responds quickly.

I'm complimented weekly about the professionalism of the site compared to my competitors. Scott has given me a distinct advantage over my competitors."

Mark Serrioz Expert Home Inspections Dallas

"Scott gets my highest recommendation. He successfully implemented our new user-friendly website. We discussed my business needs and created a site that represents my company.

He made positive suggestions that were easily implemented. Heart Screen could not be more pleased with the excellent professional service we have received."

Barbara Parker Heart Screen Health Fairs
Web Usability

I’ve studied and practiced Web Usability for almost 20 years. I obtained a firm understanding of this concept at the Thunder Lizard Web Design World Seattle Conference, which I attended two times in 2004 and 2008.

These conferences as well as the groundbreaking books “Designing Web Usability” by Jakob Nielson and “Web Redesign 2.0: Workflow that Works” by Kelly Goto shaped my design philosophy into what it is today.

Web Usability is simply the practice of creating websites and organizing information clearly—following standards of what should go where—to be easily and instantly recognizable by the end user. People that view your website allow themselves about 3-4 seconds to make sense of a website’s layout, looking for the logo, menu items, contact information, etc. to be found in a place that they are used to seeing. If they do not see these basic functions in a fairly common area they’re much more likely just close the site and move on to the next one, hoping that it will be more understandable and presented in a way that can be quickly and easily interpreted.

In other words—if your website doesn’t make sense and follow some basic principals that most other Fortune 500 websites do that follow these standards—they will quickly abandon it and look for one that does. It’s just like using any tool, a phone for example. If a new phone had the keypad arranged in a different order you’d find it incredibly difficult to make a phone call or do anything with it, and you’d probably return it for one with a keypad that you are familiar with.

Civil Organizations Website Redesign

You can see in the image above that the logo, contact info, menu and social networks are in a standard, common position—allowing the user to instantly see and recognize what is what, and where to click quickly to take them to the information they are trying to find.

This is what most of my clients wish to accomplish with their business website. Any type of design and layout can be created, though you’re taking a risk with a more elaborate, unique site and often giving up some click-throughs and ease-of-use.

A website is a tool, and a user expects to use this tool quickly and efficiently. Any deviation from the standards of web usability is guaranteed to confuse the average user, cause frustration and make them look for a more understandable website to find the information they seek.

Realty Executives of South Padre Island

So even though a business website may look simple in design and layout—there are a dozen reasons for this and behind the scenes everything is working to provide comfort and ease-of-use to the end user. This design format also allows all aspects of the website and information architecture to easily flow and adapt to all devices such as TVs, tablets, laptops and mobile phones.

The end result is a useful business tool where one can instantly find your contact information, bio, the main page that they came there for in the first place or a map to quickly drive to your office.

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